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Newsletter #2

The second BELT Newsletter dedicated to market actors

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Newsletter #1

The first BELT Newsletter dedicated to market actors

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What is brewing: let’s play with Circulab!

The introduction of the new energy labelling system and of the new Eco-design Regulation determines significant changes in procedures and working systems currently used by producers and retailers.  


On the side of market actors for a successful new energy label.

From 1st March 2021, according to theRegulation UE 2017/1369,  the new European system of energy labelling will enter into force. The new energy label will be valid for some categories of domestic electric and electronic equipment (washing machines and washer-driers, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, TV and display, light sources) and professional (refrigerant equipment with direct sale function).


Erion and the Belt project: support to market actors during the transition period towards the introduction of the new energy label

Starting from March 1st, 2021, some household appliances will be exhibited and sold with the new energy label. Before this date, the European Commission has foreseen a transition period during which it will be possible to find on the market products that already contain both the current energy label and the new rescaled one in the packaging.

What are the responsibilities of producers and distributors during this period?


Energy label: what has changed since 1st November 2020?

Following the provisions of the framework Regulation (UE) 2017/1369 and of the relevant delegated acts, from 1st March 2021 some products such as dishwashers, washing machines, washer-dryers, refrigerators and electronic displays will be exhibited and sold in physical stores and online with a new energy label (light sources represent an exception: although they are also subjected to the change of the labelling system, it will be necessary to wait until 1st September 2021 to find their new labels in the points of sale. Therefore, the following instructions do not apply to this product category).


BELT at EGG2020!

Organized by Fraunhofer IZM together with TU Berlin, Electronics Goes Green (EGG)  is an international event dedicated to scientists, product developers, business managers, and policy makers working on environmentally sustainable processes, products, systems, and business models in and for the electronics and ICT industry.


First labelled BELT event dedicated to market actors.

Took place online today the first BELT event fully dedicated to supporting market actors in the implementation of the new energy label. During the morning, relevant stakeholders contributed to the discussion.


EU Commission Notice regarding COVID-19 impacts

La Commissione Europea ha pubblicato una nota sull'applicazione dei nuovi requisiti di etichettatura energetica in risposta alle sfide poste dalla pandemia COVID-19 e del loro conseguente impatto sulle attività produttive del settore dell’elettrodomestico.