BELT at EGG2020!

Organized by Fraunhofer IZM together with TU Berlin, Electronics Goes Green (EGG)  is an international event dedicated to scientists, product developers, business managers, and policy makers working on environmentally sustainable processes, products, systems, and business models in and for the electronics and ICT industry.


This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, EGG becomes an online event combining pre-recorded video presentations and interactive digital conference format on 1st September 2020.

ECODOM will join the conference presenting the paper “New Energy Label: How to Promote the Uptake of More Efficient Energy-related Products” within the session dedicate to Regulation: Ecodesign, Labelling And Future Regulatory Areas.

The submitted research paper focuses on the activities driven by BELT for facilitating the communication of the rescaling of the label. The study covers specifically the use of the rescaled labels as a tool to push innovation and investments in designing energy efficiency products. After understanding the environmental, social and techno-economic impacts driven by the new regulation, the research analyzes the innovation opportunities that manufacturers identify in the rescaled energy label.

The list of all the Conference sessions and the presented papers is available here: