On the side of market actors for a successful new energy label.

From 1st March 2021, according to theRegulation UE 2017/1369,  the new European system of energy labelling will enter into force. The new energy label will be valid for some categories of domestic electric and electronic equipment (washing machines and washer-driers, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, TV and display, light sources) and professional (refrigerant equipment with direct sale function).


BELT, acronym of Boost Energy Label Take Up, is a project, funded by the European Union in the context of the research program Horizon 2020, with the goal of facilitating the entry into force of the new energy label, whose appereance is regulated by the European Regulation 2017/1369.

BELT has the objective to inform and support all the different stakeholders affected by this change, i.e. citizens, personnel that deals with public and company procurement, producers and retailers of household appliances. The final goal of the project is to minimize errors during the implementation of the new labelling system.

Market actors will be the first to be involved in this small revolution, that is expected to have a very significant environmental and economic impacts. Producers and retailers will have to adapt their operative procedures to the requirements listed in the new Regulation, for example by changing the systems they use to evaluate the performance of the products placed on the market or the logistic aspects related to the warehouse management. Additionally, market actors could have training needs to be able to properly manage this transition moment also in terms of relations with their clients.

BELT is already at your side: in the website dedicated to market actors, it is possible to consult informative and formative materials, such as guidelines, webinar, brochures, FAQ, regulatory references. This material is properly designed for you and we hope it will be useful.

Starting from today there will be also a newsletter: this newsletter will keep you informed on our activities and on all the updates related to the label change.