First labelled BELT event dedicated to market actors.

Took place online today the first BELT event fully dedicated to supporting market actors in the implementation of the new energy label. During the morning, relevant stakeholders contributed to the discussion.


APPLiA Europe, representing the European manufacturers’ perspectives, presented the communication strategy the association is adopting and the challenges manufacturers’ are facing regarding the new label; while BELT presented the training approach and activities developed to facilitate the enter into force of the new energy label. Moreover, retailers representatives, namely the Portuguese retailer WORTEN and the European Association EuCER, reported the retailers’ point of view, discussing about energy efficiency, commercial, products life cycles and consumers’ behavioural trends.

The second part of the day has been dedicated to the presentation to market actors of the operative details of the new energy label implementation. During the webinar held in the afternoon, ECODOM presented the guidelines developed by the project BELT and dedicated to manufacturers (containing useful details regarding new energy label requirements and deadlines); WORTEN described retailers’ best practices adopted to smoother the trasition towards the new label and the project partner SOFIES presented the results of the study conducted on the environmental and economic impacts of the new labelling regulation.

More the 60 participants joined the event and contributed its success raising questions and bringing to the table relevant discussion points.  The event has been an opportunity to take stock of the actions undertaken up to now to prepare the promotion of the new EU energy label, share respective experience and exchange on next deadlines to ensure an effective communication of the new tool.
Stay informed about BELT activities and do not miss next events! The recording of the sessions and the presentations showed by the speakers are available in the website in the Training page.