What is brewing: let’s play with Circulab!

The introduction of the new energy labelling system and of the new Eco-design Regulation determines significant changes in procedures and working systems currently used by producers and retailers.  


In order to increase the knowledge and awareness of these market actors on the new energy label theme and, more in general, on sustainability issues, the partners of the BELT project, ERION and SOFIES, organize different workshops that will involve the use of the Circulab methodology. Thanks to Circulab, it will be possible to bring out opportunities related to the new labelling system, highlighting how this is not just a simple legislative burden, but it can be also a tool to stimulate innovation and to generate business opportunities.

The workshop participants will understand how to face difficult and changing situations; for this purpose, real case studies from the industry world will be analysed.

The Circulab workshop requests active involvement and interaction among participants: Circulab is first of all a game.

Through the game, innovative approaches are encouraged.

The Circulab methodology is based on an intelligent process of design that encourages the participants to adopt an holistic vision to redesign their activities and generate positive impacts. One of the principles at the base of the intelligent design requires to go beyond simple ideas of feasibility, to also consider desirability aspects and human resilience.

During the Circulab workshop, new matters related to the energy label will be faced to help producers on one hand to reconsider their products, services or business models following tailor made scenarios; on the other hand, to facilitate economic, technical, social and environmental considerations on the effects of the new labels.

For example, how to help producers to decide in which area to invest to increase the energy class of their products also considering the legislation on eco-friendly design? Or how to communicate to consumers the environmental benefits, beside the energy consumption savings, related to the purchase of a more efficient product?


Let’s move from theory to practice. Are you interested in participating? The next events will be on 25th February 2021  and on 3rd March 2021. To subscribe fill out the form or contact us at progetti@erion.it



This type of approach is not addressed to specific business functions: interesting contributions can be shared even by the less experienced in the field.